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1) Half yam chopped into cubes
2) Half bowl of dried shrimps, soak in the water till soft
3) Half bowl of small onions, chopped finely
4) Half bowl of mushroom, soak till soft then cut into slices
5) 1 packet of rice flour
6) 8 bowls of water
7) 2 – 3 teaspoon of salt
8) A pinch of MSG


1) Fry the small onion till fragrant, add in the dried shrimp, mushroom, yam, MSG and salt. 
2) Fry till fragrant, add 4 bowls of water.  Cover the wok and let it boil.
3) Mix 4 bowls of water with a packet of the rice flour till smooth texture
4) Add the mixture into the wok and keep stirring to prevent it from drying.  Once the mixture is a little sticky, off fire and pour into the mould.
5) Steam for about 45 mins to an hour.

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