7th Aug 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Friends
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Mummies’ breakfast venue today was at The Prata House along Thomson Road.

Georgina did not know where we have decided to eat this morning and she was shocked when we went into the Roti Prata House. This was her first attempt to have roti prata and a glass of teh halia made by Indian. Kim’s reaction was so funny and asked me to put this in my blog.

Personally, I prefer the roti prata at Casurina road instead of Jalan Kayu. What’s yours?

When I was expecting Meredith 3 years ago. My craving was roti prata and nasi lemak, I ate it everyday for breakfast. Morning sickness was very bad for the first 4 months, vomited every meal except for breakfast. Time really flies, those was the days.

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