31st Jul 2010, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Meredith confirmed going to Pei Chun Primary School next year. 

Today, we went to Kiddy Palace and I saw the my medoly purse and matching pencil case.  Asked if Meredith would like to have it for her use in P1 and she agreed.   Thought I am already very kiasu, who knows my daughter is even more kiasu… like mother like daughter.  She wanted to get her P1 school bag.

I was just asking her to try on carrying the bag to see if it is too big for her.  The moment she tried on, she fell in love with it and wanted me to get it for her.  I actually wanted to get her a trolley bag but she said it will be very heavy if she needs to carry it when it rains.  Wonder who told her about it or maybe she has experience with her current strawberry shortcake bag with trolley.

While talking about the school bag, she told me that she was a little afraid about P1… Hmm, must find ways to get her ready and have confident in going to P1. 

Told her that we will get it in November or December but she told me what if it is sold out?  Ok, ok, she wins, the bag now sits in the cupboard waiting for 3 Jan 2012.

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