8th Nov 2011, by Rebecca, filed in Cooking Recipe
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Seeing so many yummy posts of muah chee by Happycall users in Facebook, I was tempted to make it too. Today, I tried and it was successful.

When I was about to start, Keegan wanted me to sing “Tell Me”, just like the advertisement. I did it and both Meredith & Keegan laughed, seeing them so happy, I don’t mind acceding their “special” requests.

150g of glutinous rice flour
180ml of water

Mix all ingredients well (watery paste)

Peanut coating
Ready packet from NTUC or Buy from Bee Chian Kueh store

1. Grease pan with shallot oil
2. Pour in paste and cook on very low heat for about 3 mins
3. Once it has been set, roll together to form a lump using a fork to flick up the side and roll together
4. Toss around for a while to ensure completely cooked
5. Remove and put onto peanut coating, cut to desire size

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