25th Feb 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Personal
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At last, I managed to get a form from Dr PK Teo’s Clinic to do the mammogram + Ultrasound. Tried to call KK Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Polyclinic, but they did not entertain walk-in. Thought there have been so much awareness on breast cancer prevention but so troublesome on the appointment. No wonder why some women don’t want to go for check-up.

What’s worst was the nurse from Polyclinic told me that if I do not have any symptom, I don’t need to do mammogram or ultrasound as I am only 34 years old. Goodness, by the time we realised the lumps, they must have be very big…..

Well, the mammogram process was painless, don’t know why there have been saying that it was very painful. The machine presses your breasts flat four times and that’s done.

Ok, let wait for my results.

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