25th Apr 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Breastfeeding
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Oh, Keegan is drinking more than I can produce now. He drinks 100 ml every 2 or 2.5 hourly now. Whereas I can only express out 100 ml every 3 hourly or 150 ml every 4 hourly.

Yesterday night, he was on formula once. No more total breastfeed now, sob sob … I got to work harder … Do the cow…. Moo moo…

He tends to fall asleep when latch on and will cry for milk again in about 10 mins, then got to bottle feed him. Wondering how am I going to survive during night time when the confinement nanny goes off.

He takes about 25 – 30 mins to finish 100 ml. Wait till he finished his milk then I express out, no need to sleep liao … Have told my maid, maybe we got to take turns to feed him.

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