6th Jun 2010, by Rebecca, filed in Keegan Goh
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According to Yani and Meredith, Keegan was running on the bed, slipped and fell, knocked on the side table. 

He had a very big bump on his forehead and a cut.  Brought him to GP Dr Yap and he said should be ok, just need to glue the cut. But he was crying and struggling so I decided not to let him do it.  Thanks to Francis who sent us to NUH.

The peadiatrician suggested that we should stitched it so that when the wound heals, the scar look nicer and straight.  Since tissue glue can be done and will not cause any infection or side effect, I went ahead with tissue glue. Only worries was that the wound will not be nice after it heals.

Keegan with Bump1Keegan with bump2

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