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Had our holidays in Hong Kong from15 – 19 October 2009.  This trip was special arrangement for Meredith who loves the Disney Princesses so we left Keegan with my mother-in-law and my maid.  We promised to buy him an Elmo from Hong Kong.  This was the Elmo which we won from the game centre.

Elmo for Keegan
The most funniest thing that happened during the trip was we went out for dinner and shopping on 15 Oct and went back to the hotel late.  As we need to move to the Disney Hotel the next day, I was still packing the things that we need for the next two days and leave the rest in the hotel. We asked Meredith to sleep first as we need to wake up very early the next day.  When she woke up on 16 Oct morning, she asked me “Mummy, you still haven’t sleep?” Both Eugene and I broke into laughters…

Meredith was afraid of the massort in Disneyland so did not take photos with them.  However, she was so excited and wanted to take photos with the princesses… Who knows, when it’s our turn, she refused to go near them and cried.

Meredith scared of the princesses

I tried all ways and means to get her to take photos with the princesses the next day, even promised to buy her the Mellchan doll for her birthday even though it was more expensive then in Singapore but she just refused it.  At the end, she agreed to take photo with them together with me and I must hold her hands very tightly.  Deal, deal, I was so happy… When it was our turn, the princesses held her hands so I hid behind Snow White and YES, she did it…

Dith with princesses 

As promised, she got her Mellchan doll as her birthday present.  We also have a early birthday celebration for Meredith in Disney Hotel.
Dith with Mellchan Doll

As for Eugene, he kept forgetting to ask for dry noodles so he had been eating noodles with soup which he hates the most. Never in Singapore, he takes noodles with soup…

It was also nice to catch up with Shann and Caleb before we left for Singapore.
Dith with Caleb

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