19th May 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Last Saturday, we have breakfast at Mac Donalds. Dith was so excited about it, woke both Eugene and I up early in the morning as she was afraid that the breakfast was over if we don’t go early.

In the afternoon, she developed fever. We thought it might be the virus that she caught from school. Checked her palms, legs and mouth, there was no blisters. Her classmate had HFMD last Friday, but there were no new cases since Thu. As usual, took medication and her fever went down.

In the evening, we found two red dots inside her cheek, also one red dot on her palm and her fever went up again. Oh dear, is it HFMD??? Why us? Afraid that Keegan might be get it too, Dith and I went to my mum’s house that night immediately to stay, leaving Keegan with Eugene and my maid.

Today, her fever and those red dots were gone. Thanks goodness, not HFMD.

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