24th Jun 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Where shall we go for breakfast today? Our usual “headache” for Goh Family every Sunday, Mum suggested Sims Ave. However, Francis reminded us that there is a dengue fever cluster around that area, so, we decided to go to Serangoon Gardens. The kids love the bread from one of the bakery stall.

The re-opening of Serangoon Gardens Market event was going on at the hawker centre. There are performances like lion dance, chinese orchestra, dancing etc. Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, Minister of State for Finance and Transport was the guest of honor.

All of us got a chance to shake hands with Mrs Lim when she went round to meet residences. When it was Meredith’s turn, she stood up, shake hands and even let Mrs Lim carry her. A kiss on Mrs Lim’s cheek was also given by Meredith.


Guess Meredith didn’t know what was happening. To her, just another auntie.

This is my first time shaking hands with MP, wow, hope to strike 4D today….

Kim, if you happen to receive the newsletter with Meredith’s picture on it, show it to me please.

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