31st Dec 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Fashion
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Talking about diaper bags, make a guess, how many do I have! Good chance to make a count today.

2 authentic Gucci, 1 authentic coach, 3 carter’s and 1 disney winnie the pooh . Oh mine, 7 and still searching around. Left out those non-authentic Lesportsac which I bought in Shanghai. (Ops, eugene will stop me from getting my LV Neverfull MM after seeing this post.)

Meredith is now going to 3 years old, things to bring out are lesser. 1 nepia pull-up pant, 1 pkt of pigeon baby wipe, 1 handkerchief, 1 bib, 1 blouse, 1 pant & a bottle of plain water.






Upcoming: LV Neverfull MM rachel_xaiver-img100x100-neverfull1

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