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This year, we had our holidays in Hong Kong.  We went to Hong Kong Disneyland and the kids had great fun.

Check out my facebook for the wonderful pictures taken.

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Enjoyable and wonderful Taiwan trip with Goh Family.  Check out more pictures on my facebook.

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Jon and Eugene won Bona’s CG awards this year.  The reward was a return air tickets for them and their wives to travel to any countries which has Bona representive offices. 

At first, Eugene thought of going to Brazil but the travelling time is too long.  At the end, Eugene and Jon agreed on Italy.

Before we issued our air tickets, we have to seek Meredith’s approval.  We were thankful that she agreed to let us go for 10-12 days and she will stay with my mother-in-law.  Poor girl, cried everyday for mummy…

We took Thai Airways from Singapore to Bangkok then transit to Milan.  It tooks us about 13 hours to reach Milan.  We arrived Milan on 11 September at 7 plus in the morning.  Eugene’s colleague, Alberto fetched us and drove us to Verona.  As there was an accident on the highway, it took us 3 hours to reach Verona.  Frankly, my backside was so painful after long hours on the plane and car.

We spent 4 nights in Verona, 2 nights in Venice, 2 nights in Florence and last 2 nights in Milan.  It was a wonderful and fruitful trip.  Check out more photos at my facebook.

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My mum-in-law has been wanting to go Batam so we decided to bring her there as we did not have any holidays with her this year.

Besides us, Vincent’s family also joined us.  The kids really have fun especially when travelling in the van which we had rented to ferry us around.  Melissa will pretend to call Meredith… Hello, Meredith around? Ok, bye bye… This was Meredith’s favourite for the whole trip.

We enjoyed ourselves even though it was just 2 days 1 night trip.

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Had our holidays in Hong Kong from15 – 19 October 2009.  This trip was special arrangement for Meredith who loves the Disney Princesses so we left Keegan with my mother-in-law and my maid.  We promised to buy him an Elmo from Hong Kong.  This was the Elmo which we won from the game centre.

Elmo for Keegan
The most funniest thing that happened during the trip was we went out for dinner and shopping on 15 Oct and went back to the hotel late.  As we need to move to the Disney Hotel the next day, I was still packing the things that we need for the next two days and leave the rest in the hotel. We asked Meredith to sleep first as we need to wake up very early the next day.  When she woke up on 16 Oct morning, she asked me “Mummy, you still haven’t sleep?” Both Eugene and I broke into laughters…

Meredith was afraid of the massort in Disneyland so did not take photos with them.  However, she was so excited and wanted to take photos with the princesses… Who knows, when it’s our turn, she refused to go near them and cried.

Meredith scared of the princesses

I tried all ways and means to get her to take photos with the princesses the next day, even promised to buy her the Mellchan doll for her birthday even though it was more expensive then in Singapore but she just refused it.  At the end, she agreed to take photo with them together with me and I must hold her hands very tightly.  Deal, deal, I was so happy… When it was our turn, the princesses held her hands so I hid behind Snow White and YES, she did it…

Dith with princesses 

As promised, she got her Mellchan doll as her birthday present.  We also have a early birthday celebration for Meredith in Disney Hotel.
Dith with Mellchan Doll

As for Eugene, he kept forgetting to ask for dry noodles so he had been eating noodles with soup which he hates the most. Never in Singapore, he takes noodles with soup…

It was also nice to catch up with Shann and Caleb before we left for Singapore.
Dith with Caleb

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It was more than 10 years since I travelled with my parents & brothers. We decided to make to trip to Meleka as Yong and Kai Zhen are going home. We also took this opportunity to meet up with Kai Zhen’s parents for breakfast and dinner on 21 Feb 09.

My parents took a coach there, Yong and Kai Zhen took the night coach and Wee followed our car to Meleka on 20 Feb 09. Eugene and I only brought Meredith along and left Keegan with my mother-in-law.

Something cropped up at the Malaysia custom… Meredith’s passport photo was since baby and was asked to change passport. Ops, we forgot about it, our darling girl is now 4 years 3 months old.

We went Jonker Street for night shopping and Meredith was so happy that she found Winx club handbag and wallet. I supposed she must have enjoyed herself those two nights as 100% of mine and Eugene’s attention was on her since Keegan is not around. Surprisingly, she missed Keegan.

Meredith wanted to go back again as she loves the breakfast at Hotel Equatorial and also visit her Meleka’s “Ah Gong and Ah Ma”.