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I was down with sore throat and fever last saturday. Milk supply went down suddenly from 160 ml per session to 120 ml per day.

My intital plan was to stop when he turns 6 months, who knows, he is only 5 months 3 weeks old. I was quite disappointed at first, but when the time taken up for the expressing was cut down, I have more free time. I get to sleep earlier as I don’t need to wait till 11 pm for my last expressing and wake up at 5 am for expressing too.

Previously, still thinking of how to stop the milk production without taking medication. Well, consider it a blessing that it stop production naturally.

Hee, my breasts are not as “big” as when breastfeeding (size 80C). However, now I fit size 75C (before pregnancy was size 75A).

Bye bye … “suck suck”

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Read an article on breastfeeding on today’s Mind your Body. I agreed that not all mothers are able to breastfeed. Common problems encountered include sore or cracked nipples, blocked milk ducts, engorgement and lack of milk.

I did not succeed in breastfeeding Meredith, never really thought that engorgement could be so painful. At that time, due to poor latched on, I suffered cracked nipples and soon experienced engorged breasts. They got very hard and painful. I had fever too. My gyane gave me antibiotics and also had a cut on my right breast to remove the pus. I was very sad at the moment when my gyane asked me to stop breastfeeding.

Since then, I was determined to succeed for my second child, which I did. Still going on for Keegan. He is on total breastfeed. However, will be stopping when he turns 6 months which will be on 6 October 2008. Felt a little pity but at least I did it.

Regretted that I did not take photo of my “milk” which I stored in the freezer a month ago. I had problems storing them as my freezer was full, not able to buy ice cream and other frozen foods. However, I slow down my expressing and also with Keegan’s increase milk intake, this is what I have now …


Must not forget to take a nice picture of breastfeeding Keegan.

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Woke up this morning at 3.30 am and found a lump on my left bottom breast. Agrr, not again … At the moment, I thought might as well stop breastfeeding. I express every 3 – 4 hourly even at night, why still got lump???

I still have my saviour “cabbage” in the fridge. Put it on and slept till 7.30 am. After expressing, it was still around.

Didn’t want to use cabbage again, I decided to apply the Gerber Breast Therapy at 4.30 pm. Whilst putting it in the microwave oven, I was having other thoughts in my mind and did not realized that I have pressed 1 minute instead of 10 seconds. Suddenly, I ‘wake” up and quickly stopped it just in time before the relief pack bursted in the oven. However, the pack was punctured, so got to discard. Luckily, still have one pack for applying.

After expressing, it was now cleared … Really don’t understand what went wrong! Is it because I seldom let Keegan latch on or did not massage enough? Any advise?

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I am currently still breastfeeding Keegan. Discovered a big lump on my left breast on last sat evening. Tried massaging, used the Gerber breast therapy, express out the milk and also feed Keegan but it was still around.

Mastitis??? I was so afraid that it might be mastitis and decided to see the Lactation Consultant today if the lump does not clear after putting cold cabbage leaves yesterday night.

What a relief, the lump was cleared this morning.

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Oh, Keegan is drinking more than I can produce now. He drinks 100 ml every 2 or 2.5 hourly now. Whereas I can only express out 100 ml every 3 hourly or 150 ml every 4 hourly.

Yesterday night, he was on formula once. No more total breastfeed now, sob sob … I got to work harder … Do the cow…. Moo moo…

He tends to fall asleep when latch on and will cry for milk again in about 10 mins, then got to bottle feed him. Wondering how am I going to survive during night time when the confinement nanny goes off.

He takes about 25 – 30 mins to finish 100 ml. Wait till he finished his milk then I express out, no need to sleep liao … Have told my maid, maybe we got to take turns to feed him.

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Keegan is currently on total breastfeeding since he is back from his photo-therapy last Wednesday.

He only latch on twice a day during day time and I have been expressing out every 3 hourly,even at night. I am still considering if I should also let him latch on during night time. This time round, I am successful in breastfeeding.

On the 3rd day morning after giving birth, I had engorgement as the milk supply is “coming in”. The nurses at Thomson Medical Centre were very kind enough to massage for me. Had requested for cold cabbage that night and also kept expressing and luckily, the breast had soften the next morning.

I almost wanted to give up that night as I was afraid of having the same experience that I had during Meredith’s time, that was mastitis. That morning, I woke up and found my breasts were as hard as cheese, had high fever and could not even moved my arms.

Currently, I am expressing about 90 – 110 ml each time every 3 hourly. During the first week, I only have about 20 – 40 ml. Keegan is now drinking 90 ml.

Keep it going …. my target is 200 ml each time.