28th Jun 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Fashion
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After serious consideration, I have decided to get my Dream Bag “LV Neverfull MM” before the 7% GST hike and also approval from Eugene to use my own “shi fang qian”.

This morning when Tracy was there with her sister, she was told that there were 10 left and no stock at DFS. For this range, they only carry limited stock.

Happily, went to Takashimaya, saw a long queue outside Louis Vuitton boutique. Joined the queue since I wanted to get it. Queued for about 10 mins before it was my turn to go in. Guess what, the bag was OUT OF STOCK. Oh my buddha, I cannot believe it.

Told Eugene about it and he offered to send me Raffles Hotel to check after his work but I rejected. Don’t know why, I was not angry or dissappointed about it. Did not even call the other two outlets to check.

Well, will leave it as it is now, maybe not getting it anymore unless “lighting strike” (you know what I meant right, Eugene!)

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