18th Jun 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Keegan Goh
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Keegan has caught the cough virus from Meredith. He is coughing with phlegm. Eugene brought him to see Dr Lim instead of Dr Lee as she was on leave.

Dr Lim said he has mucous in his lung. Gave him 3 types of medicine, Zenmolin Syrup to open air-way and loosen phlegm, Rhinathiol 2% for his cough and Otrivin Nasal Drops for cold. If he does not recover in 5 days, got to see him again. We have to watch out for any wheezing, breathless or lost in appetite these few days.

He was also exposed to chickenpox as my 2nd sister-in-law was infected yesterday. Chickenpox is contagious from about 2 days before the rash appears and lasts until all the blisters are crusted over, the symptom will only show after 2 weeks.

I am safe as I had mine 12 years ago, Meredith had the chickenpox vaccine done when she was 1 year old. Eugene??? not sure if he had his and no vaccine done.

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