13th Jun 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Breastfeeding
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Woke up this morning at 3.30 am and found a lump on my left bottom breast. Agrr, not again … At the moment, I thought might as well stop breastfeeding. I express every 3 – 4 hourly even at night, why still got lump???

I still have my saviour “cabbage” in the fridge. Put it on and slept till 7.30 am. After expressing, it was still around.

Didn’t want to use cabbage again, I decided to apply the Gerber Breast Therapy at 4.30 pm. Whilst putting it in the microwave oven, I was having other thoughts in my mind and did not realized that I have pressed 1 minute instead of 10 seconds. Suddenly, I ‘wake” up and quickly stopped it just in time before the relief pack bursted in the oven. However, the pack was punctured, so got to discard. Luckily, still have one pack for applying.

After expressing, it was now cleared … Really don’t understand what went wrong! Is it because I seldom let Keegan latch on or did not massage enough? Any advise?

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