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At 9.30 pm, we heard a loud “bong” sound followed by Meredith’s crying.  Went to check, she was crying and said she knocked her head on the door.

Checked through and found blood from her scalp.  There was a cut and was bleeding.  We quickly rushed her to the clinic at Blk 78 and the doctor suggested that we go A&E as it was an open wound which he cannot stitched without local GA.

We went to NUH’s A&E and waited for about 30 mins. The doctor said have to stitch as it was quite a deep cut. Meredith drank her milk at 9.15 pm, so we got to wait till a least 4 hours later then she can give her the vaccine to put her to sleep.

Heart pain when saw her she reacted to the vaccine medicine. Breathless, face turned red, eyes wide opened… before she fell asleep. We can’t see the stitching process, got to wait outside. 4 stitches on her scalp… She vomited when she woke up.  We waited till about 4.15 am before she was being discharged.

Eugene and I did not sleep the whole night… we reached home at 5 am in the morning and managed to sleep till 7 plus. The next day morning, Meredith vomitted and complained headache, brought her to PD whom said it alright.  Just monitor her for the next 2 -3 days.

Meredith @ NUH

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