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Brought the kids to Singapore Zoo today and decided to join the Friends of Zoo since we are paying almost half the membership fee ($180) for today’s trip. Eugene said to make it worth, we will have to visit the zoo once every 3 months. Guess, we will cos Meredith loves the Wet play at Rainforest Kidzworld.

We went to see the Polar Bear feeding & also the Splash Safari. Afterwhich, we procceded to the Rainforest Kidzworld. Meredith took a ride in the Wild Animal Carousel and insisted to go straight to the wet play. We spent 1 1/2 hours at the wet play… Keegan also can’t resisted the wet play and wanted to join Meredith. The most interesting was the big tub of water gushing down, when the bell rings, most of the kids and even adults will gathering there and wait for it. Fun, fun, fun…

Not much of seeing the animals in the zoo, we ended up spending part of our time at Rainforest Kidzworld.


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Wow, great singapore sale… my family just bought 3 pairs of new shoes…

Eugene bought a pair of Clarks leather shoe at $202.00, Meredith bought a pair of silver shoe at $58.65 and Yani bought a beige shoe for $70.50, both from Geox. Nothing for Keegan and me!

See how happy they are ;>

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Everyone loves my mummy’s huat kueh and kept asking for the recipe. Here it is: –


Self-raising flour – 1 kg
Palm Sugar – 800g
Coconut milk – 500ml
Pandan leave – 5 leaves
Eno (original) – 1 teaspoon
Water – 700 ml
Vegetable oil – 2 tablespoon


a) Shift self-raising flour;
b) Cook palm sugar with pandan leave and 300 ml of water, filter the cook palm sugar and let it cool;
c) Use a mix to mix flour with cooked palm sugar water and 400 ml of water (Mixture A);
d) Add Eno in coconut milk and mix all into the mixture A
e) Add vegetable oil into the mixture A
f) Mixture must be smooth, if not add little water
g) Pour mixture into the mould and steam for 10mins

I personally have not tried making it myself as my mummy will make for us upon requests. So enjoy …


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Meredith on her new bike and Keegan on his tricycle (taken over from Jiejie)

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Eugene decided to buy a new bike with training wheels for Meredith as she has outgrown her tricycle. We wanted to buy either yellow or green instead of pink so that Keegan can takeover the bike but only comes in pink or blue. Meredith was very understanding and chosen blue. She said blue is for boys and girls whereas pink is only for girls.

Wow, not bad, she can handles it very well.

Cool man…


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Tomorrow is my MIL’s Birthday, we had dinner at Fu Man Yuan, Hotel Inter-Continental today as Eugene will be leaving for Indonesia tomorrow. Food was nice.

At last, we managed to take a Goh Family photo with Keegan. Got to take another one next year because No. 10 who is in Tracy’s womb will be joining our Goh Family early December 2009.


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Oh no… not only Meredith is addicted to the game, me too. Trying to earn more coins and paw points for her by visiting friends, showering friends who are dirty, feed friends who are hungry and also bumping the trees. Very tempted to add cash by using “real” cash.

floraflora-with-new-eyes Purchased a new pair of eyes, 1200 coins.

Eugene and Ah Wee also created a pet each named Sky and Lala.

Sky & Florasky-floraLala & Floralala-flora

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Great Singapore Sale??? But no discount… Bought a bigger one to put more things. I had a small one in last year October.


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Ah Wee treated us dinner at Long Beach last Saturday. Thank you, Ah Wee… More jackpot at Genting please …