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29th May 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Personal
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It has been a long time since I brought Meredith out for shopping. Today, decided to bring her out since it was the first day of Great Singapore Sale. We went after her school party, we shared a Turkey breast sandwich from Subway for lunch followed by shopping at Isetan, CK Tang and Kiddy Palace at Toa Payoh.


I bought a A4 document bag for my Happy Life Project files, guess what character??? “My Melody” Ops, a little funny for a mummy to carry this right? Since it was meant for my Happy Life Project, who cares, so long as I am happy. Moreover, it was chosen by Meredith. Item not on sale…


Meredith loves dolls, she had many of them and kept wanting to buy dolls. Well, saw this sweet little mermaid on 60% discount, so I bought for her.


26th May 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Goh Family
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Time files, it’s time for Duan Wu Jie. Remembered my mother-in-law making the dumpling last year and I was supposed to help out but ended up sitting there and talking to my MIL. As usual, this year, I did not help much as Auntie Bishan came to help her.

Hee hee, Darling, as usual, your two dumplings with double duck yolk, enjoy when you are back in Singapore on Friday!

MIL at work @ new house, Blk 84A …


24th May 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Keegan Goh, Meredith Goh
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Eugene suggested to have breakfast at Tea Garden’s Mc Donalds as we will be sending both Meredith and Keegan to my mum’s house.

Keegan’s last trip to Mac Donalds was when he is five months old, he was not aware of food at the time. Wow, 13 mths and 3 weeks old, can’t wait to eat his hotcakes…


21st May 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Yes, Meredith has suceeded, no more diaper for her at night at 4 1/2 yrs old. Hee, knew it is considered late but, at last. However, I still have to wake her up in the middle of the night to pass urine.

She will take her milk at 8 pm everyday and no more water after that. Before she sleeps at 9.30 pm, she will pass urine and this can last till about 3 – 4 am.

Everyday, if she did not wet herself, she will receive a heart shape from me on the calendar. Afterwhich, she can redeem her winx club stuff every 10 hearts. The reward system works.

Really must toilet train Keegan early.

16th May 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Keegan Goh
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Sogo and Janet bought a superman outfit from Australia for Keegan when he was 4 months old. That day, Sogo was asking if he can still fit into the outfit. Luckily, still can… will have to pass on to “cow boy” (if only it is a boy, our new Goh member, No. 10 from Tracy in Dec 09).

Here comes the Superman Keegan boy …


13th May 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Keegan Goh, Meredith Goh
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Ah Wee had bought new t-shirts set for Meredith and Keegan from Taiwan, Year 2009 is Mr Shark …


Year 2008 was 3 Giraffes


10th May 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Personal
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This year, I received a lovely card and and cupcake for mother’s day which Meredith did it in her school. Lovely right?



Kim & I also had an early mother’s day celebration at Swensen having ice-cream. What was more interesting was my celebrity brownie was Free of Charge. The second half of my brownie was as hard as stone, I could not even cut it with my spoon, so I complained to the manager and the brownie was on the house. Kim was “impressed” of me…

Happy Mother’s Day

4th May 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Meredith loves drawing so Eugene decided to let her learn what she likes. Enrolled her for Han’s Art at the participating outlet @ Jessin Children Enrichment Centre, Blk 122.

Here’s her artworks: –

1st Lesson


2nd Lesson

3rd Lesson

4th Lesson
Easter Eggs & Basket

5th Lesson


6th Lesson

7th Lesson

I am impressed with her works. The teacher told me she did the painting by herself and she only guided her along the way. I am really proud of her. Keep up the good job, Meredith. Looking forward to more of her artwork.

2nd May 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Luckily, no HFMD as confirmed by Dr Lee. At last, we can go home … Home Sweet Home.

Must remember to give Meredith and Keegan supplements like Salmon Omega, Hawaiian Noni and Bio C to build up their immunity.