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30th Apr 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Meredith was down with high fever since Tuesday’s afternoon after medicial check-up at one of the clinic in TYP requested by Prudential. Her fever spike comes every 3 to 4 hourly and at time, did not even suside. Highest was 39.2 degree.

Yesterday evening, she complained sore throat so decided to bring her to Dr Lee. Red spot was seen on above her throat and suspect it might either be HFMD or cause by virus. Can only confirm 2 days later which is tomorrow. Today, the red spot are lesser and fever was gone. Hope it is virus. Will need to re-confirm on Sat by Dr Lee.

Meredith and I went to my mum’s house for holiday whilst Keegan stays at home with Eugene and my maid.

Misses Keegan…

22nd Apr 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Personal
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Wa lau … today I celebrated my 34th years old birthday. Time really files… Found a photo taken when I celebrated my 21st Birthday with Eugene. So funny…


Last year, I was having my confinement, therefore, cannot go out. Today, Eugene brought me out for lunch at Le Forketta Italian Restaurant at Valley Point. At night, we celebrated at home with a small winx club cake (meredith’s favourite characters) with my kids, Meredith & Keegan.


16th Apr 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Fashion
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It has been a long long time since I bought BAGS! The last handbags spree was in October 2008.

I always long to have a haversack but just can’t find one which I like. Last sunday, we went OG and I saw it from Levi. However, Eugene and Meredith did not like it and gave a negative comments, so I decided not to buy it.

Kept thinking of the bag and decided to ignore both Eugene and Meredith’s comments, since I am the one carrying it.

Hee hee, went back to OG on Tuesday and the bag now belongs to me.


16th Apr 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Keegan Goh
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Keegan’s hair is getting long and he kept scratching as he has ezcema. Have asked my MIL to bring him for haircut but she said next week, still not that long… Can’t stand it, so I bought him to the hairdresser myself.

My goodness, the moment the lady called him, he started to cry. The whole process was so dramatic, he refused to put on the scarf, kept crying and turning his head. I was so tired and my whole shirt and pant are covered with his hair.

Janet told me the hairdresser is not good, the haircut is not nice and asked me not to go again. Your comments please … His present haircut should last him another 3 months, I think.

Presenting his new haircut;


7th Apr 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Ong Family
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Wee went Genting last weekend and guess what?????? He strike jackpot ……………….. See how happy he was. Yes, he is going to give us a dinner treat at Long Beach. Thanks Wee.


6th Apr 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Keegan Goh
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Celebration @ Home with Ah Gong, Ah Ma and the Goh Family on 4 April!

A small Bunny cupcake to celebrate Keegan’s 1st birthday @ Home with Papa, Mama and Jiejie on 6 April!