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28th Feb 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Holidays
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It was more than 10 years since I travelled with my parents & brothers. We decided to make to trip to Meleka as Yong and Kai Zhen are going home. We also took this opportunity to meet up with Kai Zhen’s parents for breakfast and dinner on 21 Feb 09.

My parents took a coach there, Yong and Kai Zhen took the night coach and Wee followed our car to Meleka on 20 Feb 09. Eugene and I only brought Meredith along and left Keegan with my mother-in-law.

Something cropped up at the Malaysia custom… Meredith’s passport photo was since baby and was asked to change passport. Ops, we forgot about it, our darling girl is now 4 years 3 months old.

We went Jonker Street for night shopping and Meredith was so happy that she found Winx club handbag and wallet. I supposed she must have enjoyed herself those two nights as 100% of mine and Eugene’s attention was on her since Keegan is not around. Surprisingly, she missed Keegan.

Meredith wanted to go back again as she loves the breakfast at Hotel Equatorial and also visit her Meleka’s “Ah Gong and Ah Ma”.

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At last, I managed to get a form from Dr PK Teo’s Clinic to do the mammogram + Ultrasound. Tried to call KK Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Polyclinic, but they did not entertain walk-in. Thought there have been so much awareness on breast cancer prevention but so troublesome on the appointment. No wonder why some women don’t want to go for check-up.

What’s worst was the nurse from Polyclinic told me that if I do not have any symptom, I don’t need to do mammogram or ultrasound as I am only 34 years old. Goodness, by the time we realised the lumps, they must have be very big…..

Well, the mammogram process was painless, don’t know why there have been saying that it was very painful. The machine presses your breasts flat four times and that’s done.

Ok, let wait for my results.

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Meredith insisted that I should buy one care bear for Keegan too as he is also my darling. So, not choice, brought both of them to “More than Words” yesterday evening and bought Keegan a “Superstar” Care Bear.

Meredith saw the “Take Care” Care Bear and fell in love with her. Meredith is very obedient, she put it back when I told her she already had the “Best Friend” Care Bear. Can’t resist, so I bought the bear without her knowing and gave it to her as a Valentine’s Day present from Eugene. She was so happy.

14th Feb 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh, Personal
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The moment Meredith woke up this morning, she told me “Mummy, I give you the valentine day’s card”.

13th Feb 2009, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Tomorrow is Valentine Day’s! Eugene, any surprise for me???

Meredith told me she did a special card for me from her school. However, I am not supposed to peep or open her school bag today. Really grown up! Will upload the card tomorrow.

I have a surprise for her too, bought a special edition Care Bears called Best Friends, from More than Words. Besides being a mummy to her, i also want to be her Best Friend!

Since Eugene is not in Singapore, we will be having dinner at home. Will have my valentine day’s dinner with my two darlings, Meredith & Keegan.


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Old grandmother tale, kids can only wear shoes when they turned one years old. So, got to wait for another 2 months 1 week before Keegan can put on his Nike shoes.

The Nike shoes was on sale, $35, usual price is $59. I grabbed it after approval from Eugene. Of course, we bought a size bigger.

Keegan loves it, he knew the shoes belong to him and would not let go.