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28th Sep 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Beauty
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Yesterday, Unicity Singapore had a pre-launch for the Bios Life Slim. Eugene managed to get a few boxes before the actual launch on 8 November.

Since I have stopped breastfeeding, I can give Bios Life Slim a try. Will let you know the results soon.

Want to know more information on Bios Life Slim?

25th Sep 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Meredith refused to go to school again. She cried when she reaches the school door. Reasons being Teacher Cindy hit her when she jumped, she dislike Chinese, she said Chinese is too difficult and she does not know how to do.

I must admit that this is my fault, I did not expose her with Mandarin earlier. So, got to help her to catch up now. I am not good in Mandarin too, so got to study together with her. Just bought a Essential Guide to hanyu pinyin for myself to assist her.

My goodness, I am starting to have pressure on her studies now, she is only in Nursery. Cannot imagine what will happen when she goes Primary 1… Must ask my nephews, Sean & Leory for help.

22nd Sep 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Breastfeeding
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I was down with sore throat and fever last saturday. Milk supply went down suddenly from 160 ml per session to 120 ml per day.

My intital plan was to stop when he turns 6 months, who knows, he is only 5 months 3 weeks old. I was quite disappointed at first, but when the time taken up for the expressing was cut down, I have more free time. I get to sleep earlier as I don’t need to wait till 11 pm for my last expressing and wake up at 5 am for expressing too.

Previously, still thinking of how to stop the milk production without taking medication. Well, consider it a blessing that it stop production naturally.

Hee, my breasts are not as “big” as when breastfeeding (size 80C). However, now I fit size 75C (before pregnancy was size 75A).

Bye bye … “suck suck”

5th Sep 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Keegan Goh
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Arrgggg … Keegan has been waking up for milk for the past 1 month. I tried to ignore his crying, feed him water & carry him, but it does not work. He wins, he either get to drink his milk or “suck suck”.

As I have slow down my expressing, the supply is not enough for him. He has started taking formula.