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25th Jun 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Fashion
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It has been a long time since I spend on a “branded” bag. The last one I got for myself was Gucci dumpling in early Year 2005. Wow, 3 years … Guess it’s time to update my wish list for X’mas? B/D? anniversary??? … (ahmmm, Eugene, will I have it?) Or wait for me to strike ToTo.

Found this when surfing Louis Vuitton website: –


Pelermo GM

23rd Jun 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Keegan Goh
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After 5 days of medication, Keegan’s cough and phlegm did not get better. Went to see Dr Lee and she suggested nebulization, faster way to dissolve his phlegm. Poor boy, only 2 months and 3 weeks have to go through this.

19th Jun 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Personal
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Eugene‘s birthday is on 5 July, but he will not be around as he is travelling to China tomorrow.

We bought a “small” cake for him and sang him an early birthday song.



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We had an early birthday dinner yesterday for my mum-in-law’s birthday. This year, instead of celebrating at Tung Lok group or Ritz Carlton’s Summer Pavilion, my MIL chose Prima Revolving Restaurant. She had her dinner there more than 20 years ago with my father-in-law.

The kids enjoy the panoramic view of the sea whereas my MIL felt “giddy”.

Meredith tried pepper for the first time with the shredded scallops with fish and egg white. Her comments was nice but too salty.

Overall, the food was a disappointment, Eugene gave a rating of 4 out of 10.


18th Jun 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Keegan Goh
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Keegan has caught the cough virus from Meredith. He is coughing with phlegm. Eugene brought him to see Dr Lim instead of Dr Lee as she was on leave.

Dr Lim said he has mucous in his lung. Gave him 3 types of medicine, Zenmolin Syrup to open air-way and loosen phlegm, Rhinathiol 2% for his cough and Otrivin Nasal Drops for cold. If he does not recover in 5 days, got to see him again. We have to watch out for any wheezing, breathless or lost in appetite these few days.

He was also exposed to chickenpox as my 2nd sister-in-law was infected yesterday. Chickenpox is contagious from about 2 days before the rash appears and lasts until all the blisters are crusted over, the symptom will only show after 2 weeks.

I am safe as I had mine 12 years ago, Meredith had the chickenpox vaccine done when she was 1 year old. Eugene??? not sure if he had his and no vaccine done.

18th Jun 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Eugene suggested that we should bring Meredith to movie since she has not been to a cinema before. So, we brought her to watch Kungfu Panda yesterday at GV Bishan. My last movie was Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King, which was in Y2003.

How can we miss the popcorn when watching movie, that’s my favourite. So, we brought popcorn even though Dith is still coughing. I forbids Eugene from holding the popcorn as he will finish all before the movie starts. Hee, that reminds me of what he did during our courtship.

Eugene and I enjoyed the show, but not Dith… asked if she wants to watch movie in cinema again, she said “no”. Why? It’s not fun!!! Guess, she does not understand the story and also having to sit on the booster seat for more than an hour, backside pain …


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Yesterday, we brought Meredith & Keegan to Botanical Garden to feed fishes and tortoises.

We went there last year with the GOH family while my mother-in-law had her spine surgery done at Gleneagles Hospital. I remembered there were many tortoises at the time, but yesterday, we only saw two.

Meredith was afraid that she might fall into the pond therefore, she stood quite far when she threw the fish food into the pond. We spent about 15 minutes feeding them and it was a very enjoyable time spent as a family instead of bringing her out for shopping or see toys.

We had lunch at the foodcourt, see how Meredith enjoyed her “kopi c” …


Nice scenery, so how can we miss a family shot.


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Woke up this morning at 3.30 am and found a lump on my left bottom breast. Agrr, not again … At the moment, I thought might as well stop breastfeeding. I express every 3 – 4 hourly even at night, why still got lump???

I still have my saviour “cabbage” in the fridge. Put it on and slept till 7.30 am. After expressing, it was still around.

Didn’t want to use cabbage again, I decided to apply the Gerber Breast Therapy at 4.30 pm. Whilst putting it in the microwave oven, I was having other thoughts in my mind and did not realized that I have pressed 1 minute instead of 10 seconds. Suddenly, I ‘wake” up and quickly stopped it just in time before the relief pack bursted in the oven. However, the pack was punctured, so got to discard. Luckily, still have one pack for applying.

After expressing, it was now cleared … Really don’t understand what went wrong! Is it because I seldom let Keegan latch on or did not massage enough? Any advise?

9th Jun 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Keegan Goh
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Keegan had his 1st immunisation(6 in 1) and also rotavirus vaccine this morning. Expected to have slight fever, given him 1 dose of progessic (1 ml). Guess it must be uncomfortable cos he is very grouchy now … kept crying and can’t get into his sleep.

He now weighs 5.87 kg and 60.5 cm long. Dr Lee commented that he is growing well, big boy.

Saw the two red rounded rashes on his cheek? Thought it was milk rash, but Dr Lee confirmed it was eczema.

He has reflux too, we have to add thicker in my breastmilk and also carry him upright when feeding. In this way, he will be more comfortable.

He is still waking up for milk in the middle of the night, how I wish he will be like Meredith, sleep thorough the night when she was 2 months old. We used the same method as Meredith but did not work on Keegan, got to think of a another way to wean him off the night feed. Mummy’s eyes are like “panda” now.

8th Jun 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Today was a fruitful and exciting day for Meredith, went to watch Barney’s show in the morning and help to man Fortune Meow stall at China Square Central’s Flea Market with Ah Ma and Ju Jus…


In return, Ah ma rewarded her a “xiao mi meow”, newly added to the meow family.