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30th Apr 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Personal
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My goodness, I can’t fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans and pants. No issue for my blouses and t-shirts, only difference is the breasts are much fuller and bigger with milk milk).

I thought I could, as this time round, the c-section done by my gyane was much nicer and the tummy is slimmer than the 1st pregnancy.

Those were the days whereby I used to have 24 inch waistline and weighing 42 kg, wearing XS.

Well, got to work harder, 3 more kgs and 2.5 inch to go.

25th Apr 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Breastfeeding
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Oh, Keegan is drinking more than I can produce now. He drinks 100 ml every 2 or 2.5 hourly now. Whereas I can only express out 100 ml every 3 hourly or 150 ml every 4 hourly.

Yesterday night, he was on formula once. No more total breastfeed now, sob sob … I got to work harder … Do the cow…. Moo moo…

He tends to fall asleep when latch on and will cry for milk again in about 10 mins, then got to bottle feed him. Wondering how am I going to survive during night time when the confinement nanny goes off.

He takes about 25 – 30 mins to finish 100 ml. Wait till he finished his milk then I express out, no need to sleep liao … Have told my maid, maybe we got to take turns to feed him.

24th Apr 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Tonight, I have decided to give Keegan pacifier. He has not been sleeping well today, kept waking up after 10 mins of sleep and wants to be carried.

Pushed the pacifier into his mouth and guess what, he sucks very well.

Just like Meredith when she was about 2 weeks plus.



22nd Apr 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Personal
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This year, I have no birthday cake … and also cannot go out of the house… sob, sob, sob… Having my confinement, cannot consume egg as per my confinement lady.

However, my greatest birthday present was Keegan Goh.


20th Apr 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Breastfeeding
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Keegan is currently on total breastfeeding since he is back from his photo-therapy last Wednesday.

He only latch on twice a day during day time and I have been expressing out every 3 hourly,even at night. I am still considering if I should also let him latch on during night time. This time round, I am successful in breastfeeding.

On the 3rd day morning after giving birth, I had engorgement as the milk supply is “coming in”. The nurses at Thomson Medical Centre were very kind enough to massage for me. Had requested for cold cabbage that night and also kept expressing and luckily, the breast had soften the next morning.

I almost wanted to give up that night as I was afraid of having the same experience that I had during Meredith’s time, that was mastitis. That morning, I woke up and found my breasts were as hard as cheese, had high fever and could not even moved my arms.

Currently, I am expressing about 90 – 110 ml each time every 3 hourly. During the first week, I only have about 20 – 40 ml. Keegan is now drinking 90 ml.

Keep it going …. my target is 200 ml each time.

20th Apr 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Personal
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One of the things that cannot be done during confinement: – no shower and hair wash, can only wipe the body with the herbal water and powder shampoo hair.

I have not had my shower since 7 April, a total of 14 days. My hair stinks like hell… have been sweating so much. Can see little “flies” flying around me.

Meredith said “mummy, you are so smelly” & Eugene called me “sour cow”, the only one with no complain is Keegan. Why cow? cos I have been expressing breast milk for Keegan every 3 hourly.

Cannot tahan liao, have requested for shower and hair wash tomorrow using herbal water and finally, my confinement nanny agreed to it. Looking forward to tomorrow.

14th Apr 2008, by Rebecca, filed in Keegan Goh
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Keegan Goh Zhe Rui was born on 6 April 2008 at 10 plus in the morning Thomson Medical Centre. His weight was 4.02kg and 52cm long at birth.

Guess who he looks like! Meredith???

He has not been home since 6 April as he has jaundice and had to go under phototherapy treatment. The result of the phototherapy treatment at Thomson Medical Centre was not satisfactory. However, the paediatrician has allowed him to go home yesterday even though the reading was 13.3, in condition that we have to bring him back to see her either today or tomorrow.


He was admitted to Mount Alvenia this morning as the reading went up to 16.5. So, he is away from home for holiday again.