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31st Dec 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Fashion
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Talking about diaper bags, make a guess, how many do I have! Good chance to make a count today.

2 authentic Gucci, 1 authentic coach, 3 carter’s and 1 disney winnie the pooh . Oh mine, 7 and still searching around. Left out those non-authentic Lesportsac which I bought in Shanghai. (Ops, eugene will stop me from getting my LV Neverfull MM after seeing this post.)

Meredith is now going to 3 years old, things to bring out are lesser. 1 nepia pull-up pant, 1 pkt of pigeon baby wipe, 1 handkerchief, 1 bib, 1 blouse, 1 pant & a bottle of plain water.






Upcoming: LV Neverfull MM rachel_xaiver-img100x100-neverfull1

25th Dec 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Eugene received a Toy pamphlet from Robinson in early November and left it on my table before leaving for business trip in Thailand.

I showed it to Meredith and she told me in Mandarin (hardly hear her speaking Mandarin) that she wanted to buy the Barbie Doll Townhouse. My goodness, it costs $99.90 and if I am going to buy it without Eugene’s permission, surely I will be scolded by him.

So when Eugene was back in Singapore, I asked Meredith to check with her papa and surprising he agreed to buy for her as X’mas present.

Yesterday, her dream came true, just like her mama.

23rd Dec 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Personal
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Finally, after 3 years, I received a x’mas present from Eugene.

Sometimes, I really like x’mas because I received wonderful gifts from him, even though not every year. He always tell me not to expect any x’mas or birthday present. He will surprise me if he wanted to give me.

Want to know I have got from him this year? Tenten… A Tag Heuer Aquracer with 10 diamonds, each weight around 0.09 carat.


3 years back (Y 2004), he surprised me with a Georg Jensen watch which I put up in my dream folder.


DREAMS do come true after all!

For the condition of the Tag Heuer watch, I have to start on the money management system using the money jars. Want to know more on my money jars?


15th Dec 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Ong Family
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Today, 15 December 2007 was Ah Yong and Khai Zhen’s big day. They had their ROM at Swissotel Merchant Court, followed by high-tea reception.

Eugene was so funny, he said he forgot to ask if my parents were happy as they have daughter-in-law liao…

So, pa and ma, are you happy?
Meredith is very happy to have “Da Ju Mu”.



14th Dec 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Keegan Goh
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Our second baby will be due in mid April 2008. It’s a baby boy… We are now in the midst of naming him. So Kieran or Keegan? Eugene vote for Keegan and Meredith too.

Meaning of Keegan – little fiery one.

We have been telling Meredith about baby Didi and she loves hugging and kissing him. She will read bedtime stories and sings for him. She loves to follow me for check-ups as she is able to see keegan during scanning.

See how much she loves keegan!