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4th Sep 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Music
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My two nephews Sean & Leroy asked me if I know about Hossan Leong who wrote the Singapura song and wanted me to watch on youtube.

Found it to be very interesting and funny. Check it out!

YouTube Preview Image

1st Sep 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Meredith and her classmates celebrated Teacher’s Day on 31 August. Parents were asked to contribute food and drinks for the celebration.

Helen bought a Pooh cake, Aimee fried nuggets & hashbrown, Kim bought panda biscuits, Georgina bought ice-cream and I bought popper juices. There were cupcakes, jellies, cookies from other parents too.

As usual, the kids were all very happy and enjoyed the party including the mummies.