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28th Jul 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Goh Family
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Have not been working for the month of July as I need to cover my mum-in-law’s duty as CEO of childcare centre at Kim Keat Ave.

There are 4 toddlers (aged 33 months, 30 months & 27 months) & 3 kids (9 yrs old and 7 yrs old).

Send Meredith to school from Mon – Thu, 9.30 am – 11.30 am. During these 2 hours, I will have breakfast with Aimee, Kim, Georgia & Helen (Meredith’s classmate mummies). Do marketing either at Thomson Plaza NTUC or Shop & Save.

Proceed straight to Kim Keat Ave to take over Tracy who is on morning shift.
1) feed the toddlers lunch together with the help of 3 domestic helpers
2) watch hi5, pingu, barney or other TV programmes
3) shower for Meredith
4) nap time for the kids at around 1 plus

I shall then have some free time to surf the net or watch my Korean series. Decide what to cook for dinner and the domestic helpers will prepare the ingredients.

Sean and Leroy are back at 2.15 pm.
1) have their lunch
2) shower
3) do homework (felt embarrassed when Sean asked me to help with his math problem, I have a hard time explaining the working steps) OMB! I must attend Kumon with them.
4) play computer games

At 4.30 pm, watch Taiwanese show casted on channel 8 “Yi Nan Wang”. Start cooking at 5.30 pm. We have a big family, the dinner is for 9 adults & 7 kids. Eugene is impressed of me, I am someone who does cooking less than 6 times a YEAR. However, I can cook out things which my mum-in-law has been cooking. Sometimes, I will call my mum-in-law to check the recipes. Most importantly, my nephews love my cooking too.

It is really not easy taking care of 7 kids, their shouting, screaming, crying, snatching of toys are getting on my nerves. I have to use cane or chilli sauce to settle them down.

Also, can you image bringing 4 toddlers & 3 domestic helpers to Shop & Save? I surrender!

Ma, I salute you!

13th Jul 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Fashion
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Happened to saw this bag in one of the forum for mummies.

Sold out when launched in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia. The bag was priced at £5 and people are selling on yahoo auction and ebay at $290 and above. Guess what! People still buying them.

Well, even my LV Neverfull MM also sold out, got to wait for at least 2 – 3 months… (by then, my neck very long liao), also tempted to buy from yahoo auction.

11th Jul 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Goh Family
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Mum-in-law’s spine surgery was very successful as per Dr Seow. The screws are all in place, she will be up and walking just like us.

Today, she was discharged and will stay at Vincent’s house. Janet will take care of her there. Need to rest for at least a month plus before she can take care of all the kids and cook for us again. Tracy and I take turns to be “Wu Ah Yi” in Kim Keat Ave.

Have set nap time rules for all the kids, so that I can have peace. You will agree with me when you see the photo. goh-kids

7th Jul 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Goh Family
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Vincent, Francis, Sogo & Eugene accompanied Mum-in-law to Gleneagles Hospital at 6.30 am for her surgery at 9 am.

Have asked my mum and dad to help look after the 8 kids in my house so that all of us can visit my mum-in-law once she was out of the operating theatre.

My mum was down with flu that evening, guess too noisy and stressful for her looking after 8 kids as she usually only have Meredith.

Thanks Mum & Dad for your help.

6th Jul 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Ong Family
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Yong have selected his own HDB flat in Seng Kang. He and Khai Chin will have their ROM on 15 December 2007.

Time passes, my two brothers are big boys now. Thinking back when the 3 of us were just kids. Mum used to chase us around the house with a cane and we would hide in the cupboard. During school holiday, yong worked in a furniture factory, fell from the bus and had a very bad wound on the stomach. In school, people thought I was ah wee’s girlfriend and many more…

Wee, when is your turn? Got girlfriend or not?

5th Jul 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Recently, Meredith had the habit of screaming if she doesn’t get things that she wants. Have tried all sorts of ways but just cannot stop her.

Tonight, she screamed again, I fed her with chilli sauce and it works. When she was about to scream, I stared at her and she started covering her mouth and said she don’t want chilli sauce.

Well, let see how long will this last.

1st Jul 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Goh Family
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Today is my mum-in-law’s 68th birthday. 


We had breakfast at Ah Moi street as Janet misses the Lor Mee. Proceeded to Vincent’s house for swimming.

Dinner was held at Ritz Carlton’s Summer Pavilion, 6.30 pm. The food and services were excellent. All of us enjoyed ourselves.

Cake cutting at Kim Keat Karaoke. It was a fruitful day today, the whole event ended at 11.20pm. The kids were all very tried and fell asleep in the car.