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30th Jun 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Goh Family
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Vincent had booked a room for Sean’s birthday at Swissotel The Stamford. This was his birthday present for reading faxes everyday.

All of us secretly went up to his room for the cake cutting session. After which, we went to Great World City for dinner. Sogo brought Sean, Leroy and Nigel to Mc Donald while the rest of us ate at the food junction.

We went to the arcade, the kids enjoyed themselves.


29th Jun 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Goh Family
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Sogo, Janet, Nigel and Renee arrived this morning at 5.03 am from Shanghai. They will be spending their summer vacation back in Singapore for close to 2 months.

 airport.  It’s really nice to see them back.


We went to Lor 1 Toa Payoh market for bee hoon and char siew bao.  Afterwhich, we proceeded to Vincent’s house. 

28th Jun 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Fashion
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After serious consideration, I have decided to get my Dream Bag “LV Neverfull MM” before the 7% GST hike and also approval from Eugene to use my own “shi fang qian”.

This morning when Tracy was there with her sister, she was told that there were 10 left and no stock at DFS. For this range, they only carry limited stock.

Happily, went to Takashimaya, saw a long queue outside Louis Vuitton boutique. Joined the queue since I wanted to get it. Queued for about 10 mins before it was my turn to go in. Guess what, the bag was OUT OF STOCK. Oh my buddha, I cannot believe it.

Told Eugene about it and he offered to send me Raffles Hotel to check after his work but I rejected. Don’t know why, I was not angry or dissappointed about it. Did not even call the other two outlets to check.

Well, will leave it as it is now, maybe not getting it anymore unless “lighting strike” (you know what I meant right, Eugene!)

25th Jun 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Goh Family
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Mum asked me to help her call Dr Seow from Gleneagles Hospital this morning to book her spine surgery. She has decided to go for the operation this time, guess the pain is unbearable to her now. She complains of not being able to sleep at night, feels the pain even sitting, not able go shopping with us etc.

It has been confirmed on 07/07/07 at 9 am. Success rate as per Dr Seow is 99%. However, it’s a major operation. Vincent, Tracy, Francis, Priscilla, Sogo, Janet, Eugene and myself will pray for mum.

Buddha, please bless my mum.

24th Jun 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Where shall we go for breakfast today? Our usual “headache” for Goh Family every Sunday, Mum suggested Sims Ave. However, Francis reminded us that there is a dengue fever cluster around that area, so, we decided to go to Serangoon Gardens. The kids love the bread from one of the bakery stall.

The re-opening of Serangoon Gardens Market event was going on at the hawker centre. There are performances like lion dance, chinese orchestra, dancing etc. Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, Minister of State for Finance and Transport was the guest of honor.

All of us got a chance to shake hands with Mrs Lim when she went round to meet residences. When it was Meredith’s turn, she stood up, shake hands and even let Mrs Lim carry her. A kiss on Mrs Lim’s cheek was also given by Meredith.


Guess Meredith didn’t know what was happening. To her, just another auntie.

This is my first time shaking hands with MP, wow, hope to strike 4D today….

Kim, if you happen to receive the newsletter with Meredith’s picture on it, show it to me please.

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My next target, LV Neverfull MM. Will get it when I managed to sell away my Gucci Large Messenger or when I strike 4D or ahem…. eugene please…

22nd Jun 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Potty training succeeded! Meredith did it… Praising & rewarding do works. How she did it?

Brought her to kiddy palace, asked her to choose the potty that she likes. Encouraged her to wee wee in the potty. Whenever she did it, all of us will clap hands and praising her.

Meredith is a fan of Winne the Pooh and she always wanted to have one of pooh’s friend, “Lumpy”. So, I offered to buy her that if she succeed in her potty training.

Today, she brought home her new friend, Lumpy.

Warning was also given, if she happens to wee wee on the floor, Lumpy will leave her…

20th Jun 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Enrolled Meredith for Holiday Programme in Magic Fiddler together with Melissa and Natalie. When we reached the reception, Meredith anxiously asked if we can go into the classroom. I can see that she really enjoys her music class.



Today, we explored the keyboard, did glissando, played with some other instruments and rhythm chants. We had 45 mins of fun.


Frankly, I don’t know how to read music notes nor play the keyboard. When Tracy played the baa baa black sheep and twinkle twinkle little stars using Melissa’s keyboard, Meredith ran over and said “mei mei” one have that two songs but not mine . So funny right?

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  Meredith was supposed to visit Singapore Zoo today with her classmates, Crystal & Ian. However, the trip was cancelled as they were both unwell.

Promise was made to her so I asked Eugene along. Melissa, my niece joined us too. Meredith was so scared when we approached the Flamingo, lions and zebras, thanks to Melissa, who is not fearful of anything brought Meredith out of her 1st step. They enjoyed most during the feeding of Jaguar. I was surprised to see Meredith standing right in front of the glass panel calling “Jaguar, where are you?”.


The new Splash Safari show was enjoying too, the sea lion is very well-trained. His welcome splashes wet most of his audiences.


We did not managed to see all the animals as the kids including myself were very tried. Will be there again.

13th Jun 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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Do you need wee wee? Meredith will tell me no and refuse to sit on the potty. She wets my sofa just now. I usually don’t allow her to sit on the sofa or bed if she does not have her diaper on. She refused to wear panties as she could not sit on the sofa and bed. I felt bad about it.

She wets herself 3 times within 30 minutes… the potty is just beside her. Frankly, I am getting very impatient. I know I have to remain calm and not rush things.

Luckily, poo poo part has been trained. Guess, I have to work on rewarding her if she urines in the potty.