19th Jun 2007, by Rebecca, filed in Meredith Goh
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  Meredith was supposed to visit Singapore Zoo today with her classmates, Crystal & Ian. However, the trip was cancelled as they were both unwell.

Promise was made to her so I asked Eugene along. Melissa, my niece joined us too. Meredith was so scared when we approached the Flamingo, lions and zebras, thanks to Melissa, who is not fearful of anything brought Meredith out of her 1st step. They enjoyed most during the feeding of Jaguar. I was surprised to see Meredith standing right in front of the glass panel calling “Jaguar, where are you?”.


The new Splash Safari show was enjoying too, the sea lion is very well-trained. His welcome splashes wet most of his audiences.


We did not managed to see all the animals as the kids including myself were very tried. Will be there again.

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